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About Our Herbs

You can trust our products to be the freshest, purest and most sustainably produced. Simply put, quality affects taste and efficacy. We never purchase or market herbs that make empty claims or contain questionable ingredients.

If you use herbs to make teas, salves, tinctures, remedies, cosmetics, dyes or potpourri, you want high-quality products from a trusted source. Our supplier buys, tests and handles our herbs with exacting care to maximize their botanical properties.

Using their in-house and independent labs, they perform rigorous tests on every product we offer to ensure the best flavor, color, aroma, moisture and violate oil content. We process our products naturally, without the use of radiation or ethylene oxide (ETO) chemical sterilization.

For decades our supplier has offered an extensive selection of herbs, including many that are certified organic. They source our herbs from every corner of the globe. Our purchasers are committed to finding the highest quality herbs and partnering with growers committed to quality, sustainability and ethical trade.

We're also committed to protecting populations of wild herbs threatened by commercial harvest. We support research into cultivation methods of at-risk herbs, so sustainable sources can be developed. We do not sell herbs that are no longer plentiful enough for commercial harvest.

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Corporate Office:

3153 Canter Way

Duluth, GA 30097

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Phone: 1-407-743-8849


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